“A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist.” – Buckminster Fuller

Building or renovating a home to be off grid or just more sustainable can be very difficult for a typical client. There are so many moving parts and it can be tricky to manage a project if you don’t have the expertise or knowledge. This is why hiring an architect could be the most critical step in your off grid home.

Experts in Passive Design:

Architects are formally trained with atleast 5 years of university education. All good architects have a thorough understanding of passive design principles. Architects are also informed around materials choices and can balance embodied and operational energy considerations with your aesthetic style and function.

Big Picture Thinking

Architects are trained to see the larger context of how your home will work now and into the future. They create environments that are comfortable to be in, socially and environmentally responsible, functional for the people who will use them, and flexible enough to adapt with changing family/occupant dynamics over time. Good architecture is a great long term investment.

Eye for Detail

Once the “big picture” concept has been developed, a good architect will work with their client to craft the intimate details that makes a client feel at home. This is especially evident in spaces like kitchens where architects finesse minute details (handles, cabinet operation, power locations) to suit their client’s lifestyles.  These details can be discussed, explored and tested before tradesmen are on site and give you ample time to consider exactly how you want your home to feel and function.

Creative Problem Solving

Almost all projects will have some constraints imposed upon them from the site, council or budget. A good architect will work on creative solutions to those constraints that maximise their clients return. Imaginative use of materials and space can create an exhilarating home environment.

Keep the budget it check

Early architect involvement in your project can ensure that your brief and your budget are not misaligned. During the process architects should continue to update their client if the client’s vision has exceeded their budget.

Keep the contractor in check

By the time your project gets on site the architect will know every detail and understand why those design decisions have been made. By retaining their services to oversee the construction they can ensure that the contractor completes the work in line with your vision and requirements.

Hiring an architect for your project will ensure the best possible outcome