At BRD Studio, we believe architecture and construction are intrinsically linked. In collaboration with our clients and their sites, our designs demonstrate our creativity, holistic approach and understanding of materials.

Every project is unique and requires a thorough understanding of people, place and their ongoing relationship. We seek to create outcomes that enrich the lives of our clients and their environment. Dividing our time between the design studio and worksite allows us to craft solutions with purpose and meaning.

01 Architecture

We focus on place and materiality to provide our clients with creative and efficient architecture. Sustainable and regenerative practices inform our decisions in conjunction with deep consideration of the site.

02 Construction

We achieve the highest possible level of construction, inclusive of management, performance and finish. Our unique placement and experience enable efficient and effective relationships, while our materials understanding allows for creative design execution.



We work across new builds, renovations and small-scale multi-residential projects with sustainability at the forefront of our designs. We are always looking to enhance our clients’ way of life, and focus on how our clients aspire to live.


We pride ourselves on our ability to create spaces that connect people through thoughtful design. Working with community groups and sporting clubs that align with our values, we create engaging and inviting spaces.


We work with businesses that want to create unique retail or office experiences and who are aligned with our holistic approach to sustainability.

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